Instruction manual for the eaglefit Sling-Trainer Compact

Congratulations on your new eaglefit® Sling-Trainer Compact and thank you for your purchase. This high-quality sling trainer is an excellent piece of sports equipment for your holistic and functional strength and fitness training.

Sling trainers have been used with great success in physiotherapy for many years. Today, they are also used very successfully in strength and fitness training. In therapeutic applications, sling trainers are primarily used to strengthen the postural muscles. We have combined this training from the therapeutic application with sophisticated exercises and movements, making fitness training completely new and highly efficient.

In contrast to conventional training methods, with the sling trainer you train with your own body weight. The structure of the sling trainer allows you to target your tonic muscles with every exercise. Training body stability and flexibility is a key objective.

You bring your body into an unstable position in a controlled manner. This inevitably requires your postural muscles to work intensively. By continuously changing your body position and angle in relation to the sling trainer, you can change the level of difficulty to suit your individual needs.

Half an hour of sling training can be twice as intense and efficient as conventional strength or fitness training.

The muscle group-related exercises in the training poster have been selected, compiled and explained with great care and expertise. Follow these exercises and instructions to avoid damage to your health.

We wish you every success in achieving your personal goals.

Your eaglefit® team

Safety instructions

Read the instructions carefully before training with the eaglefit® Sling-Tainer and follow the safety instructions to prevent injuries and to train safely and efficiently in the long term.

Before you start sling training, you should seek medical advice if necessary. Training with this equipment is demanding and should only be carried out if you are in perfect health. Stop training immediately if you feel a pulling sensation in your muscles or general pain when performing the exercises. In such cases, contact a doctor for your own safety.

Before training, always check that the eaglefit® Sling-Tainer Compact is in good working order and free from damage. If the eaglefit® Sling-Tainer Compact is damaged in any way, it must not be used.

Warm up before every workout. This will protect you from injury and improve your performance.

The complete eaglefit® Sling-Trainer Compact may be loaded up to a maximum of 400 kg and should only be used for the exercises described in the training instructions and on the training poster. The eaglefit® Sling-Trainer Compact is not intended for lifting and pulling other loads. Only use a stable and secure attachment point. Never attach the sling trainer to rough or sharp edges, as this leads to wear and can cause the material to tear. Make sure that the attachment points can safely support your body weight and the sling trainer in the long term. All attachment options must be checked by the user of the sling trainer in each individual case. Before starting training, make sure that all carabiners are properly closed.

Pull firmly on the straps before each training session to ensure the stability and strength of the entire setup. eaglefit® accepts no liability for damage caused by improper use or faulty installation of the sling trainer.

Ensure a stable, flat and non-slip surface during training. Avoid jerky movements. Perform all movements in a conscious and controlled manner. Make sure there is enough space and remove objects that could injure you.

If you do not follow the instructions, you could injure yourself. All liability is excluded if the safety instructions are not followed! Use of the eaglefit® sling trainer is at your own risk.

Scope of delivery

Sling-Trainer Compact with ball-bearing pulley

Assemble correctly

/1 With the loop, the Sling-Trainer Compact can be easily attached to pull-up bars, poles, branches, walls or ceilings

/2 Insert the fiber rope into the deflection pulley.

/3 Attach the pulley to the carabiner on the loop.

/4 Attach the carabiners and handles to one loop of the fiber rope.

Mounting options

Wall bars or pull-up bars

Make sure that you do not lever out the wall bars or pull-up bar during your exercise and that it can withstand the pulling force. Be sure to check the stability of the entire structure before training!


Outdoor training is great fun. Trees or swing poles are suitable for secure attachment. Make sure they are stable and, in the case of a branch, sufficiently strong.

Ceiling or walls

Make sure that the walls or ceilings can bear the appropriate loads. The holding device must be suitable for heavy loads as well as play and sports equipment. If you would like to attach your Sling-Trainer COMPACT to your ceiling, we recommend the ceiling bracket oval.


/Handle options

Depending on the grip position, you work different muscles. The following three grip options are used in the training poster:

  • Neutral grip (palms facing inwards)
  • Underhand grip (palms facing you)
  • Upper grip (palms facing forward)

Length adjustment

The eaglefit® Sling-Trainer Compact is equipped with a central length adjuster and a length adjuster on each grip band so that the optimal length can be set for each exercise. You lengthen the strap by releasing the lock on the length adjuster with your thumb and pulling down on the strap carabiner with your other hand until the desired length is reached.

Shorten the strap by releasing the lock on the length adjuster with your thumb and pulling the strap down without the carabiner with your other hand. The sling trainer is at the optimum length for most exercises when the slings are at least 10 cm above the floor.

Access to the foot straps

There are some exercises that should be performed in the prone or supine position. To get into the foot straps optimally in these positions, please proceed as follows.

Entry into the supine position:

  • sit on the floor; take the foot straps in your hand
  • guide the foot straps under your ankle cuffs
  • check that you have a secure hold with your legs bent and start the exercise

Entry into the prone position:

  • sit on the floor, guide your right foot through the left foot loop
  • turn your upper body to the side and now guide your left foot through the right foot loop
  • turn onto your stomach and start your exercise

Training tips


Every training session with the eaglefit® Sling-Trainer Compact should be pain-free. If pain or discomfort occurs, stop the exercise immediately. If you continue with the training, choose a lighter exercise variant. If you experience pain in your back, either the exercise you have chosen is too strenuous or your posture needs to be corrected.

Warm up

Warm up before every workout. Walking or running on the spot activates the cardiovascular system and prepares you for the upcoming physical exertion. Start your training program with a reduced load and only increase it when your muscles are optimally warmed up. Always adapt your warm-up program to your performance level.


Correct breathing plays an important role during training. Breathe calmly and evenly. Don’t hold your breath during training and don’t fall into press breathing.

Correct posture

Your body should always be in one line. To do this, tense your core muscles during all exercises by pulling your belly button towards your spine and tensing your gluteal muscles. Your pelvis will straighten slightly and your spine will be in a neutral position. Avoid a hollow back during all exercises and don’t let your back sag. Pull your shoulders back slightly and then downwards to straighten your chest. Your joints should always be slightly bent. Always consciously tense the muscle group for the corresponding exercise. Make sure that the straps do not rub against your body, as this can lead to injury.

Training tactics

Don’t overstrain yourself and always adapt the exercises and the amount of exercise to your level of fitness. Start with shorter training sessions at first and increase slowly from week to week. If necessary, consult your doctor before starting an exercise program.


Make sure you perform the exercises precisely. It is better to choose a simpler version or perform fewer repetitions before you perform the exercises incorrectly. the effort required should be the same on the left and right. After a few training sessions with the Sling Trainer Compact, you will have become accustomed to performing the exercises and can slowly increase your strength.

Training duration & sequence

Plan approx. 30 to 45 minutes for a full-body workout or train specific muscle groups in between. You will need approx. 2-5 minutes for each exercise. Depending on the intensity of your training, do 2-3 minutes. Depending on the intensity of your training, do 2-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions. Choose the level of difficulty so that you can just manage these repetitions. You can change the difficulty of an exercise by changing your body position and the angle to the sling trainer. Take a 20-second break between each set. Train 3-4 times a week. Take at least one day off between training sessions for the same muscle group.

End of training

Never end the workout abruptly, but reduce your training pace smoothly. Perform light stretching exercises afterwards. This allows your heart rate to drop slowly and your body to regenerate more quickly.

Expansion options and accessories

(not included in the scope of delivery)

eaglefit® Wooden pull-up bar

With this ergonomically shaped wooden pull-up bar, you can easily expand your sling trainer into a piece of fitness equipment that you can also use to perform pull-ups. Attach both loops of the pull-up bar with the carabiner directly to the ceiling attachment or to the carabiner of the fastening strap. The attachment strap gives you a height-adjustable pull-up bar with a central attachment point. This type of attachment means you have to apply exactly the same force with both arms – you remain balanced.

You can find our pull-up bar in the store under the following links:

100 cm Klimmzugstange natur
100 cm Klimmzugstange geölt

60 cm Klimmzugstange natur
60cm Klimmzugstange gehölt

eaglefit® Tree sling

With this robust and high-quality tree sling, you can securely and gently attach your sling trainer to a tree trunk, a thick branch, a pillar, a beam or other stable objects, indoors or outdoors. The tree sling has a circumference of 4.0 m and a usable length of 2.0 m. You can attach the carabiner directly to the tree sling. The sling can withstand loads of up to 500 kg.

ou can find them in the store here: Baumschlinge

Care instructions

The eaglefit® Sling-Trainer Compact does not require extensive maintenance. The high-quality industrial nylon is very robust and tear-resistant. Dirt can be removed with lukewarm water and a little hand soap. Store your sling trainer in a protected place to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the material. Do not expose the sling trainer to constant sun, rain or frost.

Before each use, make sure that the straps, carabiners and all connectors are in perfect condition. Replace defective parts immediately. All spare parts must be obtained exclusively from eaglefit® – otherwise all warranty claims will be invalidated.



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