Instruction manual for the HOME EMS system

Congratulations on choosing the eaglefit® HOME EMS system.

This high-quality training device for electromuscle stimulation has been developed with a great deal of specialist knowledge and expertise so that you can carry out highly efficient EMS fitness training at home and on the go with minimal effort.

EMS devices have been used in physiotherapy and competitive sports for many years. With this device, you can carry out targeted training at home in your own four walls or on the go, in a hotel or in the office – while observing the safety and warning instructions.

In order to achieve the greatest possible benefit and, above all, to avoid dangers and risks, you should read these instructions carefully and follow the rules of conduct described.

We wish you lots of fun with the eaglefit® HOME EMS system.

Your eaglefit® team

Safety instructions

Intended use

The eaglefit® HOME EMS System is a training system based on highly efficient electromuscular stimulation (EMS) and was developed for private use. By combining the HOME EMS POWERBox and the eaglefit® EMS System app, you can perform EMS training at home, in the office or on the go at any time. With the help of these operating instructions, you will be introduced to the training and handling step by step and receive valuable tips and advice for your EMS training.

The eaglefit® HOME EMS System is exclusively a training and fitness device, not a medical product.

Improper use

Read the operating instructions and all information and instructions carefully to prevent personal injury and damage to property and to avoid dangerous situations. If you do not follow the instructions and information on proper handling, eaglefit® GmbH accepts no liability for any resulting personal injury or damage to property. In such cases, the warranty/guarantee also expires.

Please check your eaglefit® HOME EMS system for damage before use and contact the manufacturer or your dealer immediately if you notice anything unusual.

Training with the eaglefit® HOME EMS system may only be carried out in a dry environment. Avoid environments with very high humidity and where your customers could come into contact with water (e.g. in the rain, near bathtubs, etc.).

All liability is excluded if the safety instructions are not followed! Use of the eaglefit® HOME EMS system is at your own risk and is prohibited for persons under the age of 18.

Risks and contraindications

Although cardiac arrhythmia has never been reported during training with an eaglefit® HOME EMS system, legislation requires a warning to be issued regarding an existing residual risk. In the event of an existing cardiac arrhythmia, it is not advisable to train with the eaglefit® HOME EMS system, as otherwise there may be a risk to life.

Absolute contraindications

  • Acute illnesses, bacterial infections or inflammatory processes
  • Recent operations (< 2 months)
  • Arteriosclerosis, arterial circulatory disorders
  • Stents or bypasses that have been active for less than 6 months
  • Untreated high blood pressure
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Pregnancy
  • Electrical implants, e.g. pacemakers
  • Tumor or cancer diseases
  • Bleeding disorders, bleeding tendencies (hemophilia)
  • Neuronal diseases, epilepsy or multiple sclerosis
  • Abdominal wall or inguinal hernias
  • Cardiac arrhythmia

Relative contraindications

  • Acute back pain without diagnosis
  • Acute neuralgia, herniated discs
  • Implants (prostheses)
  • Diseases of the internal organs (especially kidneys)
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Epilepsy (seizure-free for more than 12 months)
  • Movement kinetoses
  • Large accumulations of fluid in the body, edema
  • Open skin injuries, wounds, eczema, burns
  • Varicosis, varicose veins
  • Acute influence of alcohol, drugs, intoxicants
  • Taking medication

The eaglefit® HOME EMS system must not be used if there are absolute or several relative contraindications. If training is carried out despite existing contraindications, this can lead to anything from simple injuries to death. We expressly point out that no training may be carried out if one of the contraindications mentioned is present.

If in doubt, talk to your doctor before using EMS training to see if it is possible for you.

Electrical hazards

If you find damage to any of the components, you must not use the eaglefit® HOME EMS system. To prevent damage to the material or cables, you should handle them with extreme care. This means

  • Never use the eaglefit® HOME EMS system in a wet environment
  • Do not clamp or kink the cables and do not place heavy objects on them
  • Remove all piercings or similar in the training area before training

Damage must be reported to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will then decide how to proceed.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of the eaglefit® HOME EMS system includes




USB charging cable

Waist belt

Download the eaglefit® EMS System app in your appstore:

No explicit medical and/or physiological knowledge is required to train with the eaglefit® HOME EMS System. However, it should be noted that the operating instructions must be read and understood carefully before training with the eaglefit® HOME EMS system for the first time. Failure to observe the contents of these operating instructions can lead to dangerous situations and, in extreme cases, to death. Use by persons under the age of 18 is prohibited. In the event of non-compliance, the manufacturer accepts no liability for any resulting damage.

Meaning and function

Training using electromuscle stimulation (electromyostimulation), also known as EMS training, is based on the targeted activation of striated muscles using electrical impulses. This simulates natural muscle activation. This activation causes the muscle fibers to contract without receiving a signal from the central nervous system (CNS). Normally, the commands for a contraction come from the brain. During physical exertion, these electrical impulses are sent to the muscles via nerves. Because the impulses in EMS training are so similar to the CNS impulses, the muscle cannot distinguish the origin and a contraction occurs, i.e. the contraction command to the muscle comes via the electrodes incorporated in the eaglefit® HOME EMS suit. During EMS training, rhythmic stimuli or impulses act on the muscles to be trained, resulting in targeted tension and relaxation. In physiotherapy, only individual muscles or muscle groups are usually trained using electrical stimuli, without performing any additional movements or fitness exercises.

While no movements are performed in addition to the electrical muscle stimulation, full-body EMS training is combined with targeted exercises. In this way, you also train your coordination and the increase in strength can be translated into targeted movement. In addition, the holistic training strengthens the agonists, antagonists and stabilization muscles, which are difficult to reach and influence with conventional training. This prevents muscular imbalances, which can occur with one-sided training of individual large muscle groups.

Furthermore, the simultaneous muscle activation can prevent or train away postural restraint, which avoids incorrect loading. Thanks to the possibility of incorporating additional exercises during EMS training, intra- and inter-muscular coordination and motor skills can be improved. Another positive effect of the additional exercises is the adaptation of the tendons, ligaments and joints to the increase in muscle strength achieved. As no heavy weights are required for muscle contraction, this form of whole-body training is very easy on the joints.

Another advantage is the time saved compared to conventional forms of training:

  • Only 20-60 minutes a week are enough

Positive effects of EMS training

  • Reduction in waist and abdominal circumference
  • Loss of body fat
  • Increase endurance and performance
  • Reduction of back pain possible
  • Improving endurance during back strain in everyday situations
  • 15-20 minutes of EMS training burns approx. 400-500 kcal with appropriate intensity and execution of the exercises
  • Increase in maximum performance (movement speed + strength)

Specific effects of EMS training
EMS and exercise

  • In contrast to the static method, dynamic muscle work leads to improved blood flow and circulation of the lymphatic fluid
  • Physical activity improves the tensile strength of the tendons and the supply of joint cartilage
  • Tendons, ligaments and joint cartilage are strengthened, mineral content and bone circumference increase
  • Eccentric strength training in particular affects the connective tissue (tendons and ligaments)
  • Tendon and ligament damage can be repaired more quickly through targeted activity
  • These changes make the exerciser’s body more resilient and protect it from injury

EMS and functional training

  • Training the whole body (muscles, tendons, ligaments)
  • The focus is on learning and performing the movement
  • Based on stabilizing the body and especially the core muscles
  • Can be supported with different training equipment (e.g. sling trainer, balance pad, kettlebell, exercise ball)

EMS and sling training

  • Exercises for the whole body and isolation exercises for individual muscles
  • The load intensity can be easily varied by adjusting the angle to the anchorage point of the sling trainer
  • Stabilizer training using unstable grip ropes, which is further intensified by a pulley
  • High exercise variance thanks to the pulley
  • Low space requirement
  • Easy assembly and disassembly

EMS and outdoor training

  • The focus is on training and outdoor exercise
  • Exercises for the whole body
  • The intensity of the exercises is varied using your own body weight, the shape of the terrain or everyday objects
  • Additional psychological effects of outdoor training
  • Motivation through variety

Whole-body EMS training offers the opportunity to train in a highly effective and time-efficient manner. It is therefore a very good way to increase strength, build muscle and reduce fat. It can generate higher stimulus intensities than conventional training methods.

For these reasons, some important conditions must be observed during training.

Training preparation

  • Whole-body EMS training can only be carried out if you are in an appropriate physical condition
  • It is important to replenish your carbohydrate stores before training, as the high metabolic load results from the very large muscle mass involved
  • You should also make sure you drink plenty of fluids before, during and after training

Training course

  • You should never overload yourself in the first few training sessions. The training should be carried out with a reduced training time (approx. 12-15 minutes) and an appropriate intensity. Subsequently, the training time should be continuously increased to 20 minutes
  • In the first 8-10 weeks, a training interval of at least 4 days should be maintained. This is the only way to ensure regeneration and positive adaptation.

Quick start guide

Quick start guide for your new eaglefit® HOME EMS system

  1. Charge the HOME EMS POWERBox until the LED lights up green
  2. Download eaglefit® the EMS System app in your appstore
  3. Put on the suit – if your skin is extremely dry or you have a lot of body hair, moisten the electrodes slightly or use electrode gel
  4. Switch on HOME EMS POWERBox (press lightly for 2 seconds with your index finger in the small indentation between the logo and LED), attach to suit, start app
  5. Reassign profile name for subsequent training
  6. Establish a Bluetooth connection to the HOME EMS POWERBox (click on “Bluetooth” at the top right, then “Scan”, then “Connect”)
  7. Make the settings for the profile under “Parameters”, warm up sufficiently, then press “Start”
  8. Set the muscles more strongly using the exclusion method (press the up arrow until the setting is strong enough, click on the number above the muscle so that it is outlined in gray)
  9. Start training, stop after 20 minutes
  10. Save settings by leaving the app with the button
  11. Make sure you drink enough water before, during and after training, at least 1/2 liter more than usual
  12. Take a break of at least 48 hours (max. 1 training session per week for the first 10 weeks)

Application tips

Switch the POWERBox on/off correctly:

First use of the HOME EMS POWERBox and the app

Charging the HOME EMS POWERBox

Before you can start training, please download and install the eaglefit® EMS System app from your app store by searching for “eaglefit®” or “eaglefit® EMS System”.

Before using the HOME EMS POWERBox for the first time, you must charge the battery for at least 3 hours. Our batteries have overcharge protection so that you cannot “overcharge” them. Use the supplied USB cable and the 220 V mains adapter for charging. During charging, the HOME EMS POWERBox indicator lights up blue. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator lights up green.

First start

When you start the app, you can initially choose between the EMS BELT, the EMS PANTS, the HOME EMS suit and the PRO EMS suit. If you are using the app for the first time, create a profile for your training. You can save all your settings later under “Select profile”.

If you have already created profiles, these will be displayed. Select an already saved profile or add a new profile, under which you can save the settings (pulse strength per muscle, etc.).

After pressing “Confirm”, you will be taken to the training interface with the preset settings of the profile highlighted in green. Changes are also saved there if you leave this page later with .

First of all, please establish the Bluetooth connection to the HOME EMS POWERBox. Switch on the charged HOME EMS POWERBox (place a finger on the recess for approx. 2 seconds) and search for it via “Bluetooth” in the top right-hand corner by clicking on “SCAN” in the next window. After selecting your HOME EMS POWERBox (e.g. “eagle_home000”), you will return to this view.

n the training interface, you can set the strength of the individual electrode pairs, switch individual electrodes on/off and use the menu icon at the bottom left to access the menu for parameters

Explanation of the app

The app is designed so that you can create as many profiles as you like on each device. All settings and parameters of a pulse type (fitness/metabolism/relaxation/individual/fat burning/HIIT/mobility/fast strength) are saved in a profile. Assign a suitable name to each profile.

The name can be “Relax1” or “Muscle building”, for example. Your data is only stored on your end device in accordance with the GDPR. You must therefore create separate profiles on your iPhone and iPad, for example. The app saves the last settings used under the logged-in profile as soon as you leave the training interface with .


Communication between the app and your HOME EMS POWERBox is established when a Bluetooth connection is established.

To establish the Bluetooth connection, please tap on “bluetooth” at the top right when using the device for the first time.
In the following view, select “Scan”.

You will receive a list of the Bluetooth devices available in the vicinity.

Please select “eagle_home000” to establish a connection to the HOME EMS POWERBox.

Requirements for a Bluetooth connection

  • The HOME EMS POWERBox must be charged and switched on. You can recognize this by a bright glow of the green/blue LED
  • Switch on the HOME EMS POWERBox by pressing the button (a slight indentation in the center) for 2 seconds. The LED goes on
  • Your location must be shared with the app so that the Bluetooth signal can be processed correctly
  • You will NOT find the HOME EMS POWERBox via your usual Bluetooth settings in your cell phone, as we use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Navigation und Einstellungen der EMS-Impulse

Setting options under “Parameters”

The parameters are already stored with start settings. If you click on + or -, you can vary the parameters highlighted in black.
The following programmes (“modes”) are already pre-installed on the eaglefit® EMS System App:


Please select the “4/2” setting, i.e. a pulse duration of 4 seconds and a 2 second break. Ideally, you should tense your muscles for 4 seconds and relax them for 2 seconds during training.

The fitness programme is ideal for building up the large-volume white skeletal muscles. It is best trained with 5-12 repetitions per muscle group at approx. 80% of maximum strength. The impulses are applied to the respective muscle group at a frequency of 85 Hz without placing high training weights on the joints, ligaments or tendons. The pulse depth in this programme is 350 µs.

Fitness training should be combined with exercises and can be supported well with sling training, HIIT training or our core and beginner training on YouTube, for example.


Please select a pause time of 0 seconds for continuous pulse. How the pulse duration is set is then irrelevant.

The metabolic programme, which trains the red endurance muscles, can be used specifically for muscle toning. The activation of the slow-twitch muscle tissue reduces fat and increases the definition of the muscle. The training frequency is 7 Hz with a pulse depth of 350 µs.

This programme is ideal for warming up and improving circulation and metabolism. Metabolic training should ideally be combined with endurance exercises such as:

  • Nordic Walking
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Exercises on cardio equipment


Please select the “1/1” setting, i.e. a pulse duration and a pause of 1 second each.

This programme produces gentle muscle twitches and ensures muscle recovery, faster regeneration and is also used for functional recovery after illness. At a training frequency of 100 Hz and a pulse depth of 150 µs, tension is released and the muscles are supplied with nutrients.

You can use the relaxation programme for 5-10 minutes after an intensive workout (with or without EMS) or after a strenuous day for 10-30 minutes at a moderate intensity, for example simply on the sofa.


Select the settings individually according to your preferences or according to therapeutic recommendations.
Advanced users can freely set all parameters (pulse frequency, pulse depth, pulse duration, pause and training duration) with this programme. A frequency of 1-120 Hz and a pulse depth of 50 – 400 µs are possible.


With this programme, you can use the illustrated body to complete a pre-set workout and do the exercises directly, or you can use it as a placeholder for your own individual workout. The special thing about it is that you can select a different frequency and pulse depth for each workout. Simply hold your finger over the desired exercise for 2-3 seconds until the preview image rises, then you can drag it into the row below and arrange it. You can also remove exercises from the row in the same way.


You can use this function ideally to take part in many of the workouts offered on YouTube. The pulse duration of 30 seconds and 15 seconds pause is often used for group circuit training. The training frequency is 85 Hz with a pulse depth of 350 µs.

Fat Burning

Please select the setting of “4 / 2”, i.e. a pulse duration of 4 seconds and a pause of 2 seconds. This special programme combines the benefits of the fitness and metabolic programme. During the active phase you train at 60 Hz for maximum strength and in the passive phase (pause phase) the endurance muscles are worked at 7 Hz. This allows you to challenge both muscle fibre types in one programme.

Pulse depth

With “Pulse depth”, you can set how long the pulse that you have set under “Frequency” lasts. This value can only be configured in the “Individual” parameter. A single current pulse can last 50-400 µs.

The higher this value is set, the deeper the pulse goes into the muscle. For example, you can optimally target large muscles such as the thigh muscles, the gluteal muscles or the back muscles with a pulse depth of 350 µs.

Pulse duration

Duration of the pulse in seconds (symbolised by a green number that runs backwards during training).


Length of the break during training, 1-30 seconds (symbolised by a red number that runs backwards).


Duration of a training session; 1-40 minutes.


The number of impulses during one second. For example, in the “Fitness” training programme, the muscles are tensed and relaxed 85 times per second.

Dressing and undressing

of the eaglefit® HOME EMS suit.

The eaglefit® HOME EMS suit is available in sizes XXS to 4XL. It is important to choose the right size so that the electrodes fit close to the body. The suit can be used both as a dry and wet suit. When used as a dry suit, it is put on directly on the bare skin, without underwear or other (sports) clothing. The electrodes do not need to be wet, they should be placed directly on the muscles to be stimulated. The close contact with the skin ensures optimum transmission of the current to the muscle.

A wafer-thin film of moisture is required so that the electrodes in the dry suit can transmit the energy to your nerves and muscles via your skin. For some people it is enough to wear the suit for 2-3 minutes, others have to do jumping jacks, burpees or sit-ups for 5 minutes before the strength of the impulses can be increased. If the moisturising film is missing, you may feel an unpleasant, slight stinging sensation on the surface of your skin. In this case, reduce the pulse strength on this muscle group and do a few more jumping jacks or squats before increasing the intensity. If you have a lot of body hair or very dry skin, the stimulation may be impaired. In this case, you can lightly moisten the skin in the relevant areas with a cloth or use our electrode gel.

The eaglefit® HOME EMS suit is closed with the zip at the back. To do this, simply close the zip with the attached cord and connect it to the Velcro fastener. This prevents the zip from opening automatically. If the suit does not fit well in some areas, use the Velcro straps provided or the hip belt to press it against the skin in these areas. Alternatively, you can also wear tight-fitting clothing over the eaglefit® HOME EMS suit to achieve the same effect.

After training, open the zip and get out of the eaglefit® HOME EMS suit. Then wash the suit according to the washing instructions or hang it up on a hanger.

The training/exercises

As a general rule, if you feel unwell, stop training immediately and consult a doctor if necessary. Never train if you do not feel well or are ill.

Training must also be cancelled if the eaglefit® HOME EMS system has problems or malfunctions. Contact the manufacturer in the event of technical faults.

1. Warm up

Before EMS training – as before any fitness training – the muscles should be prepared for the upcoming exercise. A warm-up has the following effects:

  • The conductivity between electrodes and skin increases with light perspiration
  • Increase in core body temperature
  • Improvement of the energy supply processes in the muscle
  • Increased production of synovial fluid
  • Increased motivation and concentration on the upcoming training session

We recommend a short endurance session to warm up, for example a few jumping jacks, burpees or 3-5 minutes on the cycle ergometer.

2. Training/exercises

In general, you can perform all movements and workouts with the eaglefit® HOME EMS suit both indoors and outdoors in dry weather. There are no limits to your imagination. Jogging, boxing, yoga, sling training, functional training, HIIT or training with your own body weight. Only wet conditions (e.g. rain) should be avoided with the suit.

The eaglefit® HOME EMS suit comes with an exercise poster that shows possible exercises for the whole body using your own body weight.

3. Stretching

After the exercise session, the person exercising should stretch – possibly combined with the “Relaxation” programme.

Stretching has the following effects:

  • Reduction of muscle tone
  • Improved breakdown of metabolic products
  • Improved muscle regeneration
  • Promotion of mobility

Washing and hygiene instructions

Before you wash the eaglefit® HOME EMS suit, please remove the HOME EMS POWERBox.

Proceed as follows:

1. open the Velcro fastener

2. pull the POWERBox upwards

3. remove the POWERBox

Please only clean the HOME EMS POWERBox with a soft cloth.

We recommend hand washing the eaglefit® HOME EMS suit. Alternatively, you can wash the suit in a laundry net in the washing machine on a delicate cycle at 30 °C. Close the zip and all Velcro fasteners beforehand.

We recommend using a mild washing powder (e.g. ECOVER or Frosch Colour). Never use corrosive solvents/scouring agents, disinfectants or detergents with additives such as chlorine or bleach. If the suit is still too wet after washing, you can spin it at max. 400 rpm in the spin programme. To dry, simply hang the suit on a hanger and leave to air dry – preferably with the electrode pairs facing outwards. Never dry the eaglefit® HOME EMS suit in a tumble dryer and never expose it to direct UV radiation. This can damage the material.

The following washing symbols can be found in the eaglefit® HOME EMS suit and should be observed:

Waste disposal and recycling

The eaglefit® HOME EMS suit and the HOME EMS POWERBox contain electrical components. Electronic devices are recyclable materials and should not be disposed of with household waste. Dispose of the product at the end of its service life in accordance with the applicable legal regulations. By doing so, you are fulfilling your legal obligations and helping to protect the environment.

There are collection centres for the recycling of electrical and electronic devices in all countries of the European Union. You can obtain information about these collection centres from your local waste disposal office or from the retailer where you purchased this product.

Information on the safe removal of batteries or accumulators:

If you want to dispose of the HOME EMS POWERBox, you can remove the battery by loosening the 4 Phillips screws on the back under the foil and unplugging the battery.

  • Warning: Make sure that the battery is fully discharged
  • Carefully remove the battery or accumulator
  • The battery or accumulator and the device can now be disposed of separately

Battery type: LiIo; 3,7 V, 3.000 mAh. Chemical system: Lithium-ion-Battery

Technical data

Bluetooth-Version > 4.0
Power supply 5 V, USB C
Accumulator 3,7 V, 3.000 mAh LiIo


You receive a 2-year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty is valid in all countries in which the eaglefit® HOME EMS system is officially sold. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper or negligent handling.

If you have the feeling that individual electrodes have failed, you can check this as follows:

  • Make sure that the muscle group is activated in the app (muscle name is highlighted in green)
  • Switch on the HOME EMS POWERBox, attach it to the suit and turn it inside out
  • Connect the HOME EMS POWERBox in the app and select the “Metabolism” programme
  • Set the pulses for the affected muscle group to intensity 20
  • Moisten the electrodes of the affected muscle group with a damp cloth
  • Now place your left hand on the left chest electrode, for example, and your right hand on the right chest electrode

As the current flows from one side to the other through our electrodes, it is important to place both hands on one of the electrodes of the affected muscle group in order to close the circuit.
If you now feel a tingling sensation in your hands, the pair of electrodes is intact.

EU Declaration of Conformity

Manufacturer information

eaglefit] GmbH is authorised to affix the CE mark to the eaglefit® HOME EMS system and thus demonstrate conformity with relevant EU directives.